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I saw a man die once - Remember Death [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Memento Mori- A Tribute to Death

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I saw a man die once [May. 5th, 2010|12:27 pm]
Memento Mori- A Tribute to Death


..it was in a parking lot. He lay there pissing himself on the cold concrete with his groceries scattered about (a container of sour cream rolling away from him - I helpfully stopped it with my foot) and none of the dozen people that were milling there (including myself) knew CPR. I thought of just thumping him on the chest as I had seen on tv but I didn't. I regret it now, I am human after all. Watching the person that DID thump him on the chest as his lips turned blue and his life's breath floated above him I realized that I should have pushed the person away and thumped him in my own fashion but I did not. I was gutless and walked away after a while, groceries in hand and delicately stepping over the thin stream of urine to my car. Wiping the snot and tears from my face in the car I realized that life was indeed brutal and set out thereafter to take a CPR course. I didn't take that course, instead I decided to take a lazy and convoluted course and have a child that would take it for me years down the road. One day when I myself am laying in a parking lot with a thin stream of urine emanating from my crotchal area, I hope that she will be with me. As an afterthought, I guess I could have thumped him as hard as I could, in a blood-crazed frenzy. Who would have stopped me? Anyone else see someone die?

[User Picture]From: morty_baby
2010-05-06 03:37 pm (UTC)
Hello sweetheart :)
Watching my parents die was the same experience, you've known them all your life and you just kind of expect them to be around longer, I guess. With my dad, he was 54 and one day, I will eclipse that age and when I do, I will raise a glass for him. I knew that he was going to die as he had terminal cancer and it ate away at him for 2 years. Actually, he was my favorite person and I looked after him as he was going through that journey. He wasn't having any fun confined to his bed a living skeleton, and wanted to die faster. I wanted him to die faster as well because it sucked to watch him in pain. I told him one day that I wished that I could take him to the SPCA and get him put down to make the excruciating pain he was in go away and he got it. We had planned to end his life 3 weeks before he died but he chickened out.
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